Aperitivo dates back to the late 18th Century, and we can see why it’s lasted this long! It’s the perfect way to kick start an evening — a drink and a snack to set you on the right track! Pick one snack and one cocktail from the options below for just $10 and let the good times roll! Available daily from 3–6 pm!


Gnocchi Fritto – Hand rolled potato pasta, deep-fried and served with basil pesto aioli.
Garlic Knots – Bite-sized pieces of VPN dough smothered in evoo and garlic and baked until golden.
Wood-fired Vegetable Spread – A cheesy spread made with seasonal vegetables roasted in our very own wood oven! Served chilled with a side of garlic focaccia.
Marinated Olives – Our classic olives, marinated with oregano, chili flakes, lemon, lime, and evoo.
House-made Crackers + Cheese – House-made seed crackers served with chef’s choice of cheese.
Corn Fritters – Savoury corn fritters served with a spicy chipotle aioli.


Glass of House Red or White
Glass of Prosecco
Aperol Spritz
Campari Soda
14oz Pint of Draft

Piatto Pizzeria